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Mexico Bundles

Our Mexican desserts consist of: Flan (caramel flavored custard) 

Tres Leches (ultra-light sponge cake made with 3 types of milk)   Platanos Fritos (pan fried plantains served with cream or condensed milk)

Horchata (rice and cinnamon milk).

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Mini Bundle - $13.00

Our mini Mexico bundle consists of one Tres Leches cake, one Flan, one Plátanos Fritos and one Horchata drink.


Large Bundle - $143.00

Our large Mexico bundle consists of sixteen Tres Leches cakes, sixteen Flans, sixteen Plátanos Fritos and sixteen Horchata drinks.


Small Bundle - $43.00

Our small Mexico bundle consists of four Tres Leches cakes, four Flans, four Plátanos Fritos and four Horchata drinks.


Medium Bundle - $83.00

Our medium Mexico bundle consists of eight Tres Leches cakes, eight Flans, eight Plátanos Fritos and eight Horchata drinks.


Mexico Seed Cards

Seed cards are included in every purchase from our store and are all correlated to their specific country. Each card is made with an eco-friendly seed paper that can be planted and grow small plants (instructions on each card)!

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