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Brazil Bundles

Our Brazilian desserts consist of: Brigadeiros (round and dense chocolate dessert covered with chocolate sprinkles)

Beijinho de coco (round and dense coconut dessert covered with coconut shavings)

 Quindim (bright yellow egg yolk custard)

 Guarana (ginger-ale like soda).

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Mini Bundle - $13.00

Our mini Brazil bundle consists of one Brigadero, one Beijinho de coco, one  Quindim and one Guarana drink.


Large Bundle - $183.00

Our large Brazil bundle consists of sixteen Brigaderos, sixteen Beijinho de cocos, sixteen Quindims and sixteen Guarana drinks.


Small Bundle - $53.00

Our small Brazil bundle consists of four Brigaderos, four Beijinho de cocos, four Quindims and four Guarana drinks.


Medium Bundle - $93.00

Our medium Brazil bundle consists of eight Brigaderos, eight Beijinho de cocos, eight Quindims and eight Guarana drinks.


Brazil Seed Cards

Seed cards are included in every purchase from our store and are all correlated to their specific country. Each card is made with an eco-friendly seed paper that can be planted and grow small plants (instructions on each card)!

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