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Global Goodies' mission is to transport people through cultural experiences with native desserts and drinks. Our goal as a company is to provide a taste of home to those who are far from it. We have found that those from other countries miss the tastes of food from their native countries and Global Goodies was created to help diminish that feeling. We offer a solution by providing authentic desserts made by people from those countries all in one location. Philanthropy is a core value of our mission and we play a small part in solving the global hunger issue by donating unpurchased products at the end of each day to local soup kitchens.


Global Goodies doesn't stop here! We host live cultural events every Friday night to showcase a selected country and celebrate its heritage. We began our dessert experiences with four countries, planning to add a new one every other month to expand our experiences. We offer three tasty desserts as well as one drink for each country we recognize, allowing for a broad taste of the world!


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