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What's Happening at Global Goodies?

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January Employee of the Month: Nicole!

Nicole is vital to the success of the Global Goodies team. She keeps the team's eyes on the prize at all times. She has a passion for winning and makes sure work gets done on time. With her upbeat personality, she makes everyone feel welcome. The vibe in the room just changes when she walks in and it’s for the good every time. We are so happy to have her on our team.  Keep up the good work Nicole!


December Employee of the Month: Sara!

Sara is the epitome of a true leader! She has great character, is a role model to others, and is someone who everyone should want on their team. Her work ethic is truly insane and she does not settle for anything less than best. Her coworkers respect her so much and there is no one else that works as hard as she does. We are lucky to have her as our fearless leader. Congrats Sara…you deserve this award every month!

November Employee of the Month: Valerie!

Valerie has shown impeccable leadership traits over the past month. She is always asking what she can do to get tasks done. Her initiative has been unmatched as of recently and it does not go unnoticed. She has contagious positivity and it’s hard not to smile when around her. She has played a major role in helping create our business plan presentation and we are very pleased to have her on our team. Congrats Valerie!


October Employee of the Month: Paris!

Paris has done an amazing job leading the Marketing team. She always shows up ready to work. In creating our website, her attention to detail has led our site to be one of the most visited on the VE Marketplace. She brings a sense of maturity to our business and is a key component of the Global Goodies brand. Congrats Paris! Glad to have you on the team.

September Employee of the Month: Cassi!

Cassi has adapted quickly to her new role as CCO and works very efficiently behind the scenes to get the job done. She consistently meets all deadlines while still helping others out when needed. She is a joy to have in the office and always has a smile on her face. We are lucky to have her on our team. Congrats Cassi!

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August Employee of the Month: Avery!

Avery New is a very hard-working employee. She has great time
management skills and always gets things done to the best of her ability.
She pays exceptional attention to detail, making her work impeccable.
Not only is she hard-working but she also brings a new perspective to

our business. Congrats Avery!




October 28th, 2022

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November 18th, 2022

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