Our mission is to unify, educate and satisfy our guests by bringing people of different cultures together with a tasty treat!


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Each of our private events offers you your own private event space with desserts and catering supplies, along with a host to "tour" you through each country we offer. Each of our events are hosted at the Global Goodies headquarters in Greer, South Carolina. Our private events are perfect for those who want to experience a personal journey around the world!

Small Private Event  $2,333

Our small private event is designed for up to 50 people. The small event offers 384 desserts and 128 drinks (the equivalent of two large Taste of the World bundles). 

Large Private Event

Our large private event is designed for up to 100 people. The large event offers 768 desserts and 256 drinks (the equivalent of four large Taste of the World bundles).


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